Titanic's 2012 Legacy at Cape Race

Wireless Station at Cape Race that received Titanic's distress call 



The newly refurbished Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre is one legacy of the 2012 Receiving Titanic Commemorations.  While an iceberg lurked offshore local people joined national media and international Titanic enthusiasts to remember the Cape Race story during Titanic’s April centennial. Once again Titanic and her Cape Race connection captured the world’s attention.

  With an iceberg lurking offshore we remembered Titanic.


Come to Cape Race and immerse yourself in the epic that speaks to us from over a century ago.  Learn the wireless skills and technology that evolved into today’s cell phones.  Stand where Titanic’s last call was heard at the nearest point of land to the wreck.  Check out how events in Newfoundland would save over 700 Titanic lives.  Hear about the local friendships with Titanic wireless operators.  


Experience the many local coastal wonders!

 Humpback whale and puffin - near Cape Race


Make sure you put Cape Race and Newfoundland’s Titanic Trail on your list of places to visit while in the St. John’s area.